Trance – The new dance app

Dance app Trance was presented at HACKATHON 2013

If you are really excited about dancing, there is now a new app for you. It is the dance app called Trance. This app has been presented in the beginning of September at HACKATHON 2013 in San Francisco. The four developers were driven by the fact that there has been no reasonable opportunity to act out the social media thoughts with dance videos until now. So they started to work and designed this new dance app especially for this purpose. The Trance app helps dancers and dance lovers to come together. If you are a dance lover and if you would like to share dance videos in the internet with your friends this dance app is just right for you.

Functions of Trance

Whether you are a professional dancer or an amateur, anyone can record and upload an own dance video. Your friend and other users of the app can watch your video, comment on it and rate it. So you and the other users of the app will get a great opportunity to see really cool, funny and professional dancers and dances. And of course, thanks to internet, everything unlimited and worldwide.

Dances and dancers are known worldwide

A second idea of ​​the dance app is, that there has been really no way until now in internet, that really good dancers could call attention to themselves. The internet is well known as a worldwide possibility to make people famous, and many of them called so much attention to themselves that they are famous now. For example the YouTube dancer TakeSomeCrime. But dance videos lead a shadowy existence for example on YouTube. With the new Trance app this is over now, and really good dancers have now the possibility to get known worldwide. From now on you and everybody else are able to upload videos and show talented, less talented or even miserable and defamatory dances to the world.

Maximum length of the videos

The length of the videos is limited to one minute. The initiators of this app will prevent the audience to get bored. The idea is that extremely long dances, which might consist of interesting and uninteresting part, can be shortened by the dancers voluntarily to the essentials. But this limitation is not too bad for longer dances. Finally, also in Trance, you can’t just upload one video, but more.


It is an absolutely sophisticated app that fills a gap for dancers and dance lovers on the internet. The concept is logical, and I can well imagine that this app will find many takers. Additionally, it will help many dancers to draw attention to themselves. So if you like to dance and enjoy looking at others while dancing, this app may be something for you. Try it out!

Here you can watch the introduction of the dance app at HACKATHON 2013.

Keep movin‘


Would you prefer YouTube or do you want to checkout the Trance app?

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